We have been meeting the satisfaction of our customers since 1999 with the high quality of our products and services. We take great care to build boats of the best quality and we have been working with professionals in the nautical industry for over twenty years.

We carry out a personalised study for each request and we train you on the essential technical points.

We are specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of electric boats intended primarily for rental professionals on nautical bases, hotels and resorts. Driven by a creative and innovative spirit, we offer two boats: Oxoon a playful boat of 3 seats and Obiboat a catamaran 7 seats with underwater vision (option).

Due to the engine power which is less than 4,5 KW, you do not need a licence to pilot the boat. If you are looking for a solution adapted to your specific needs, we can also design the interior in accordance with your project needs (fishermen, PRM access...).



Signe Ltd, a French export company supported by the Occitanie region